Being a part of something bigger

refo_LN på scenIn times of change, uncertainty and troubles I work hard to find light, hope and activities to get out of my bed every morning and keep up the good work. What if Donald Thrump wins the election, What if Putin has a bad moment and what if the Mediterrean Sea waves so bad that more children drown?

I belive that I am part of the movement, that I can influence, and one person can do a lot, but doing things together is much more powerful. To work together in a coproduction is a very efficient way of learning, develop and transfer things. Coproduction is more powerful and bigger than cooperation. Cooperation is an essential piece of Coproduction and incorporates dialog, respect and seeing things differently. It is being a part of something bigger.

Refo_RosenWerk, vi skrattarAt RosenWerk , the MakerSpace in Dresden where we had our conferencedinner the founders talked about “ how now is the time to work together and think sharing”. The hardest way of doing things is doing them together. But frankly, the tools they had, the knowledge we all had together beats anything that I, Kerstin and Refo can do alone. So from now on we will use #DIT, Do It Together,  stolen with pride from RosenWerk.

The coffeebreaks are important in a meeting, to compare impressions, finding new interesting people and as a swede, drink coffee. Talking to Mundano, the main speaker in the peoples session of the 5 th Informed Cities Forum and founder of Refo_Mundano pratarPimp My Carroca of what is the most important lesson learned so far he said: “That I worked alone for so long, almost five years. It was so exhausting not having anyone to talk to”.

Then we exchanged how we feel when the idea grows and we cannot control it anymore. I am trying to trust in the process and to educate people involved about the values we stand for and how to coproduce in a good way. It is more a matter of trust and courage. Start small and let it grow…..think like Wikipedia. If Refo_LN och Mundanoyou have done it right someone will tell you what is going on when it is not right. It is hard but we all have to be better in doing things together and trust, courage and fun are characteristics that are needed most to do so.  Fun and laughter glues people together and makes it more interesting to do the things that need to be done. And it is important to know that having fun does not mean that you are not good at your job, it means that you value your time to much to do a boring job.

As Ania Rok so wisely described the rebuilt church we were in, in her openingspeech “ how the building represented a goal for the transition movement. A church is a centre of a community, and its heart. “

Refo_Dresden alla på scenThe church as a picture for safety and support, needs some updating and maybe we have to create new places to meet for finding people that can lead a change and want to be a part of it. Meeting people with a different angel that can enrich and develop you and the idea you have will save tons of money, worries and smooth the way. So how can we do that? My and refos experience is that hard work and determination will eventually make it happen,

My dreamjob is to be the person that can connect people, ideas, places and make it happen. I try to focus on what I can do in a new way to get new results. Do you need me, Kerstin and refo to make a difference we are glad to help! Because sharing is caring and Doing It together is the new black.

#dit is where you will find us and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with @refoproject. Every follower is importent for us as we use you in our education in social media!

//Liselotte Norén


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