Changemakers do it together – go Imad

We have a friend whom we admire very much, both for the work he does and the attitude he has. We wish you all the best Imad Elabdalas with Kidnovation and the book Sarahs journey and will help you along the road. Do it together is the way of doing it, only then we can change the world!

Here is his reflektion of the past two years and the text is from Imads facebook earlier today!

05.Mar.2015 – 05.Mar.2017

2 years ago at the same day, i was packing my stuff in a box, the same way things classically happen in movies, I was saying goodbye to my boss and colleagues at the engineering company I used to work at. Before stepping out, I put my box aside and I took a photo with my boss, who was a great person by the way, and one of the few bosses i respected in my life. I posted this photo on Facebook and wrote ” Today is a day that makes difference ”

Friends were sending me congrats! They thought I found a better job, or I got promoted. But only a few knew what I was up to.
My boss asked me about my plans, I told him ” I have to hit the road, there are many questions in my head that I have to find answers for”

Even though I was confident, but let me be frank with you, I was a bit nostalgic, you can’t really skip the nostalgia of leaving a spot in the world that was temporarily yours. I held my tears back and drew a smile on my face, until I reached my car to put my box in it , my tears could not stay in my eyes, they ran along. I took a peek at my face in the car’s mirror and questioned myself whether I am doing the right thing, but the sound of my inner child said to me: ” What if you would have stayed in a job that does not fulfill your passion until you are 65? Wouldn’t it be too late by then?” That vision stopped my tears from falling, and stopped me from questioning my decision anymore.

Many people blamed me for my decision, and others thought I am crazy -which i am proud to be – . How on Earth would a refugee who struggled to enter the professional job market in Sweden, like all other immigrants, leave the warm and convenient comfort zone and hit the road to the unknown?
Only my mom was so sure I always get up after I fall, she cried on the phone and said to me ” I don’t know what you are up to, but I trust you. remember that if you are confident of your footsteps, you walk as a king”

A few friends knew my plan of travelling, but I did not dare to tell anyone about the real purpose behind it. A solution for children’s trauma after wars?! No one would even believe that it might be possible.
My friend Johan told me good luck, and my friend Harris helped me build a wall in my room ( I will tell you the story of the wall in a new blog)

After two years, thousands of kilometers, and a few life changing experiences my life looks way different, I found answers to the most of my questions, and a little more, I am living my life the best way I can. I wake up with great thoughts and work hard with love. I do only things that satisfy my feeling of real existence. I grow and develop my skills everyday, learn and teach, inspire and get inspired. And guess what! I am going to be one of those who left a positive fingerprint on our Earth.

I met many great people on my journey who gave me support, some with a smile, some with a nice word, and some with many days of hard work. They will always get my warmest gratitude.

Well, for me, curiosity was and still is the engine of living, I’d rather die than do something I’m not convinced of. I believe that the world would be much better if we empower empathy, if we imagine walking in the other person’s shoes before we make decisions.

This is the way I decided to live. Now, share with me how would YOU love to live? ”

Do you want to help a Child who has left home unvolontary to come back on track again – buy a copy of Sarahs journey here.

//Liselotte Norén, den här bloggen är en del i #blogg100


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